Workplace Benefits that are Slowly Being Phased Out



According to a recent report by CNN, many employment benefits that used to be popular are now fading from view. Some of the benefits include mortgage assistance, subsidized childcare and employee stock purchase plans. That information was discovered by a trend survey conducted by the Society of Human Resource Management.

Some of the Remaining Benefits

However, certain core benefits still are holding steady in the workplace. These benefits include retirement savings plans, health insurance and employee assistance programs. There also has been an increase in paid leave benefits, such as parental leave for women and men or work flexibility alternatives.

Employee Benefits that are Fading from the Workplace

However, the elimination of certain benefits still proves to be a burden on employees who also must tackle cost-of-living issues. Some of the benefits that employers do not incentivize as they formerly did are credit union memberships, flexible spending accounts for health insurance, onsite health screenings and relocation assistance. Parking subsidies and job sharing are also fading from view as are vacation purchase plans.

Company Amenities

Some of the amenities that have increased are not benefits that keep you at a company. These benefits, while inviting and fun, are more esoteric than monetary. Such benefits include company-provided snacks, nap rooms, on-site vegetable gardens and concierge services.

Popular Employer Benefits

However, other benefits that are still in force that make working at a company more financially worthwhile include paid leave for fathers, generous 401(k) plans, educational assistance and the option to telecommute.


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